Regime Change, Inc Moving Operations to Venezuela

Are We Being Lied Into Regime Change Again in Venezuela? I think any honest observer would have to say, “Yes.”


The track record of US regime change wars is abysmal. Our attempts over the past two decades to spread democracy by banishing evil dictators have led to death, chaos, slave-trading, and refugee crises. Yet, not even finished with the latest mess in Syria, the US government is at it again.

The Trump administration, full to the brim with neocon ideologues like John Bolton and Elliot Abrams, is pushing to overthrow the Venezuelan government. In fact, they’ve pretty much declared they have already done so and they have named a successor to President Maduro.

You’d think Democrats who oppose everything Trump does mostly because it’s Trump doing it, would be “resisting” right? Nope. Leading Democrats have declared their unyielding support for Trump’s actions in Venezuela. It appears the only thing that trumps Trump is the Military Industrial Complex. Leaders in both parties obediently take their talking points and orders from the MIC.

Ah, but our free journalists are making sure we get the straight story, right? Well, in between excoriating Tulsi Gabbard for vociferously opposing regime change in Venezuela, the media has mainly just spread CIA talking points.

The big one is that the country is starving because of their dictator and USAID is just trying to ship basic necessities into the country.

Jimmy Dore did a segment today (embedded below) where he showed CNN pushing this line and then an independent journalist shopping in Caracas grocery better stocked than some American stores.

Hmm. Who do you believe? CNN who got Iraq wrong, Libya wrong, and Syria wrong or a journalist who actually took the time to go into a Venezuelan grocery store with a video camera?

I plan to believe my eyes. Maduro was democratically elected in elections the Carter Center, one of the world’s top voting watchdogs, declared fair. Meanwhile, ever in search of another enemy to keep the MIC gravy train rolling, the mainstream media and the bipartisan DC elite are clamoring for more regime change.

Kind of makes me wish I could just cast my vote for Tulsi Gabbard right now.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media