Commentary: Tulsi Gabbard is Absolutely Exposing the Mainstream Media on War


I know it’s just early 2019 and you’re still feeling a hangover from the last presidential election. You’re just not eager to be tossed back into that sea of corruption and negativity we call our presidential elections.

If you are a long-time advocate, as I am, for a profound shift in our foreign policy, then Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) may just be music to your ears. This is a two-tour Iraq veteran who volunteered to serve her country after 9/11 and gave up her seat in the Hawaii legislature to be deployed with her unit in 2005.

When it comes to war and peace, she’s not your typical talking head politician. She has gravitas on this issue and speaks with such passion, compassion, and Aloha on it that you’d think she’d be heralded for being a true voice for peace.

Instead, her recent appearances on two mainstream shows - MSNBC’s Morning Joe and the ABC’s The View - have demonstrated two things. These mainstream talking heads don’t see the problem with one regime-change war after another and, frankly, they have no desire to see it. Not only do they fail to see it, but they are perfectly willing to smear a veteran making arguments against these wars to silence her.

Don’t believe me? Below are the two interviews in question. It’s amazing to me that MSNBC and ABC have chosen to leave these videos up. Tulsi so throughly, calmly, and rationally dismantles their Military Industrial Complex talking points that you’d think the “journalists” involved would want them pulled down. Nope. They really don’t see what’s wrong with more war. And, they’re advocating it again in Venezuela even as we speak with the same old playbook.

I’m amazed at how Tulsi keeps her cool and stays on message. It’s one indicator she’s ready for the presidency, while panels on Morning Joe and The View might want to go back and take some journalism remediation courses.

Meghan McCain, of all people, gave Tulsi the ultimate disrespect. First she mimicked the false mainstream talking point that Tulsi is “an Assad apologist.” Then, mere months after lecturing people on how other should respect veterans at her father’s funeral, she gives Tulsi the, “Thank you for your service.” Then in the next sentence slurs her by saying, “When I think of Tulsi Gabbard, I think Assad apologist.”

The score is Tulsi 2 mainstream talking heads a resounding 0.

Mahalo, Tulsi! You are serving your country again by making these arguments. Thank you for having the courage to stare down the beast of the establishment to do it.

Here are the two videos I’m referring to.

MSNBC - Morning Joe

Ray Davis for 6 Sense Media

The View