What Passes for Science, Medicine, and Healtcare

There are some amazing falsities we’ve literally been sold until we accept them as fact. One HUGE one is that healtcare consists of a pill that is qualified by:

  1. Finding natural substances with curative properties.

  2. Hiring chemists, biologists, and genecists to modify the substances to make them proprietary.

  3. Beating the placebo effect by a couple of percentage points in a blind study.

  4. Getting it approved by federal agencies populated from people from the industry.

  5. Spending millions of dollars convincing doctors and patients that this is a life-changer.

  6. Raking in billions in profit.

Meanwhile cheap, affordable curative substances (often the same ones used by the industry) that people can grow or afford are demonized as quackery, illegal, or gateway drugs. We should be reminded that the drugs that have created our Opiod problem were mostly approved by the above process.

Am I going to the extreme and saying mainstream medicine is a scam. No. People are really helped by some of the treatments. What drives me nuts is the way they use their political influence to marginalize and demonize natural healt products that often have as much evidence and more history behind them than the billion-dollar pill.

The industry has been effective in organizing practical job thinking on issues where people are asking legitimate questions like childhood vaccines.

To say that people who question are anti-scientific completely ignores the process by which drugs are officially stamped as science, healthcare, and medicine and thousands of years of traditional wisdom that pharmaceuticals themselves seek to find the next wonder drug.

Ray Davis

for 6 Sense Media