The Partisan Debate of Social Media Censorship Belies the Higher Principle

I know I sound like a broken record on this free speech/censorship topic, but each day gives graver concern that the most important freedom we have will fed to the wolves of partisan politics.

The free speech debate continues to miss the point on all sides. As Dennis and I discussed on this past weeks' The Seiker Podcast and I've written about in several articles, we do not stand with censorship of anyone's freedom of speech. We defended Alex Jones after his recent banning, not because we agree with all his views, but because there's a higher principle involved.

As I watch the debate evolve online, it's clear to me that few people on any side understand that higher principle. In fact in 2018 America, many have forgotten there is any higher ideal than partisan political aims and momentary emotional reactions. Free speech, or so the conditioning goes, just invites hate speech.

What do I see in this debate? Republicans and conservatives claiming they are being unfairly targeted by the "liberal bias" of tech giants. This is somewhat true, but only half the truth. Who is actually facing challenges is anyone who challenges that mainstream narrative from any angle.

Liberal politicians like Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut who prove an understanding of free speech is not required to serve in Congress with his comment that the banning of Alex Jones was, "A good start."

In the "freest country in the world" we are on a fiendish mission to shut each other up for our momentary political benefit.

This is why HIGHER principles like freedom of speech are not served by dragging them back into the mud of partisan nonsense. They must be placed on a pedestal apart from all shades of that nonsense.

The question really has become are there enough adult, critical thinkers remaining in America - left, center, or right - to preserve this sacred accomplishment of a thousand generations or will our momentary passions be allowed to destroy it for us all?

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media