OPINION: Bi-Partisan DC Double Standard in US Middle East Policy

The US has been engaged in a regime change war in Syria for years over claims that Syrian President Assad is a thug who commits gas attacks against his own people. This has led President Trump to twice directly bomb Syria in addition to continuing to support known terrorist groups working to overthrow Assad. All this despite the fact the few truly independent journalists on the ground in Syria have found claims the Assad government was responsible for gas attacks nebulous at best.

But the supposed US peace-loving liberal party has decried Trump’s actions, right? No. DC Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, and the liberal news media took time off from a Trump-bashing to praise his actions as “presidential” while calling for stronger action.

What goes unreported in the mainstream US media is that the US “hit list” in the Middle East, Assad included, is really Israel’s hit list. The US has been the muscle in an Israeli strategy to replace or better yet destabilize adversary governments. Rather than just reporting that fact, the US media participated in fabricating and misidentifying the culprit on Syrian gas attacks as justification for US policy.

Meanwhile, the Bush, Obama, and Trump White Houses have overseen a massive military build up (including massive US sales) in Saudi Arabia over the past 15 years. There has been bi-partisan agreement that arming Saudi Arabia is a counterbalance to the “regional instability” caused by Iran.

In recent years Saudi Arabia has used this military prowess in support of the Yemeni government in its civil war against supposedly Iranian-backed Houthis. Human Rights groups have decried war crimes, including siege warfare, which have withheld food and other life essentials to people in Yemen creating the Middle East’s and maybe the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis.

You’d think bi-partisan DC and the US media would be calling for regime change in Saudi Arabia. I mean if they were going to be even-handed, they would be, right?

No, because Saudi Arabia is the largest buyer of US arms from massive US arms dealers and those arms dealers are massive advertisers in the media outlets and donors to politicians who are largely mute on Saudi atrocities.

Plus that, Saudi Arabia is not on Benjamin Netanyahu’s hit list. In fact, the home country of the supposed 9/11 attackers and Israel are best buddies now. And any friend of Israel’s is A-Ok with bi-partisan DC.

10 days ago a Saudi led air strike killed 54 Yemeni civilians on a bus, 44 of them children. The mute US Media was actually forced to cover events there because of the incident, but it was placed toward the end of news shows and Little was made of US complicity.

Was bi-partisan DC calling for Saudi regime change or for Trump to bomb the kingdom in retaliation? No. The congressional response was the following.

Congress passed a bill that was immediately signed by President Trump (have to love the cumbayah when it comes to war) calling on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to certify that Saudi and its main ally United Arab Emirates will take steps minimize civilian casualties. If he can’t, will we stop selling arms? No. We will stop doing mid-Air refueling for their planes on their bombing missions. In other words, we’ll stop directly helping them conduct their war in Yemen.

Meanwhile, defense contractor Raytheon is lobbying congress to approve sales of 60,000 precision guided munitions to Saudi Arabia. 

For its part, Saudi Arabia claims civilian casualties are the result of Houthi rebels using civilians as human shields.

The truth is thousands of Yemeni children have been killed by the US armed and aided Saudi coalition in recent years. This incident was simply too compelling to pretend it didn’t happen. 

You have to hand it to bi-partisan DC and the US media. They are truly consistent on their human rights stance.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media

Ray Davis