Defeating the "Abundance Killers" - Toward Universal Abundance

Today's Affirmation

Abundance Affirmation: I am heir to an abundant Universe and today I claim my inheritance!


Is it wrong to be abundant and financially successful? A wide swath of our culture believes it is even when they agree on little else. We've all seen very negative examples and role models of opulence without conscience. We all watch as wealth in our culture seems to be flowing into fewer and fewer hands at the expense of the many. Innate fairness, a sense of justice calls out within us for more equality.

Some say this is capitalism and technically it is. In truth, it's a very particular kind of capitalism called crony capitalism. Crony capitalism is flawed because it emphasizes the worst elements of capitalism - selfish pursuit of wealth. Meanwhile, it minimizes capitalism's main draw - the ability of anyone to start a business and build a dream.

Crony capitalism kills the latter by working together to exclude outsiders and making the barrier to entry too high. Technology like the Internet was going to solve that and equalize, right? In the Internet era, the wealth gap in the United States has grown massively. There's little evidence that it has been a great equalizer. 

You've probably seen this video at some point in time. This is the result of crony capitalism.

The solution many are peddling is 600 square foot apartments for everyone and no one will own anything. Everyone will just use what they need when they need it with Artificial Intelligence (AI )running everything in the background. Remove the technology and it's just Communism.

Now Communism is not a godless evil, but it is a failed economic system. The reason it primarily fails is that it has the same problem that our crony capitalism does. Power and wealth wind up in the hands of the few. Oh, not how it starts out. The idea is that the state is going to take ownership of everything (step one) so they can divide it up among all (step two). As we've seen time and again, step one happens and somehow they never get around to step two. A party or a dictator winds up dominating everyone who are now basically helpless serfs. No thanks!

I want to challenge a paradigm that many of you have because of these experiences. There's nothing wrong with wealth and abundance. What's wrong is soulless wealth and abundance without principles or having a thousand times what anyone possibly needs.

So, how do we have abundance without greed and excess? First, we need to buy into an idea. It goes counter to ideas that you've heard most of your life. It is entirely possible for the entire human population to live on earth in relative abundance and freedom. There is enough. Our problem is not a resource problem. Our problem is a sharing problem.

What are the abundance killers that are preventing every person on this planet from having relative abundance, relative freedom, and the ability to pursue his or her purpose in this life?

  • The current system - the current system - capitalism, communism, socialism, name your ism - is not designed to give every human being on this planet relative abundance and freedom. It hoards wealth and power in too few hands and sets the rest of the people one against the other for the scraps. It promotes and profits from racial, religious, gender, and other divisions.
  • God - well to be fair to, God doesn't really want you live in respectable poverty rather than abundance. But, many people believe God does. They're so busy heaping ashes on their lowly self because the mainstream religions - created by the system in number one - use that mentality to control people. I'd argue God or the Universe absolutely wants you to enjoy your life in relative abundance. In fact, we are all heirs to an abundant universe limited only by our imagination.
  • Science - science has been used to foist the latest religious dogma of limit and want upon us - climate change. We must tip toe around on the Earth in fear that we will destroy it. We do have an absolute responsibility to care for our wonderful planet. The problem isn't abundance, though, its the greed and selfishness that comes with it. To the extent humans are encouraging climate problems, we could change our course through conscience and principles without giving up our ability to live in universal abundance.
  • Our minds - the source of the other three abundance killers is our minds. That's where our lowly self-esteem is born and thrives. That's what the other three pillars turn against us to continue the system of want and struggle rather than ushering in a new universally abundant future. 

Our challenges are many, but our mindset will make all the difference. We can live on a planet where everyone has plenty - plenty of abundance, plenty of freedom to pursue interests, plenty of belief that the world can be different than the one we live in today. However, if we keep allowing the paradigm makers from the abundance killing mindsets to sell us on lack and unworthiness, we will never open the door on that new and better world we all believe must be out there.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media

Ray Davis is the Founder of The Affirmation Spot and co-founder of 6 Sense Media. He’s been writing, recording, and using affirmations for 30 years. He's also the author of Anunnaki Awakening. He advocates for the potential of the human race. He's life-long history buff and holds a B.S. in History Education.