Prosperity Mantra


The word prosperity embodies the concepts of success, flourishing, and having abundance. However, what constitutes prosperity to you is totally up to you. For some it's financial abundance. For others its spiritual riches. 

A mantra is a word that is repeated numerous times as a point of focus. The repetition helps to establish the feelings associated with the word in your subconscious.

During this 10-minute Prosperity Mantra the word prosperity is repeated about 100 times. You can listen consciously or have it playing unconsciously in the background while you're doing other work. After repeated plays, the word prosperity will be embedded in your subconscious. 

The affirmation I am prosperous, I am prosperous, I am prosperous and more so every day is repeated six times during the recording. Use this recording to attract and manifest prosperity and abundance into your consciousness. 

Listen to the whole mantra right here.

Stay inspired!