Truth Tellers #1


You could watch mainstream American media all day, every day for a month and you will not hear as much truth about war and the economy as you will in the next few minutes. To say that Jack Ma (Alibaba founder) and Bernie Sanders are on opposite ends of the philosophical spectrum, is an understatement.

Yet, in a few minutes they sum up how the Military Banking Industrial Complex has ruined the America that could have been.

My friends, something has to change or nothing will ever change. We have to change our acquiescence to easy war that drains our nation of wealth, pulls young families apart of extended and repeated deployments, and benefits the few at the expense of many.

Both Senator Sanders and Jack Ma, whatever you might think about either of them outside this context, are dead right. You know they're dead right and I know they're dead right.

This week The Federal Communications Commission against the will of 83 percent of the American people. What had happened to Lincoln's promise at Gettysburg that those men, and many more since, have laid down their lives "that government of, by, and for the people shall not perish from the Earth." Where is that government? Which party supports it? Who will say enough to the wars, enough to the funneling more and more wealth into fewer and fewer hands?

Why isn't the "guardian media" shouting this from the rafters? I think we know the answer to that and it's why we need alternative information sources like 6SM that will look at the information and unflinchingly speak the truth as we see it.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media