Being Who You Are

Today’s Affirmation

I am a unique and worthy person. I require no more justification than that to be who I am.

Everyone has an opinion on who you should be.  Your mother, your co-workers, your spouse, the church, the government, your friends; they all are constantly trying to mold you into their vision of who they think you should be. Obviously, there are times it is wise to listen to sound advice.

By and large, however, defining who you are is your right and your responsibility. Giving up that right to other people’s expectations is disempowering and leads to unhappiness.

 Starting today take back your right to be who you are. You are fully capable and fully prepared to create your own vision of you. It is your “divine right” as a human being to make those decisions for yourself.

The opinions will still come – fast and furious – but you’ll be too busy enjoying the real you to care.

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Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media