Are They Culling the Human Population?

Is there a plan to cull the human population by 80-90 percent? I've heard this discussion going on for the past twenty years, but for many reading this article this probably sounds like a whacked-out conspiracy theory. I understand that's the first reaction. It was mine too. Bear with me. My goal is not to frighten you. It is to make you aware so we can devise a strategy to make sure things are going the right way.

This week on The Seiker Podcast, Dennis spoke about AI and some of the ways it could wind up inside of us against our will. Last week I wrote an article titled Are We Becoming the Borg?

This morning David Icke posted the following video titled Culling the Population. He hits on some talking points he's had for some time, but also some new articles and evidence that AI is the both the impetus and the enabler for needing fewer human beings.

Please watch David's video. This article continues below.

As we start putting these pieces together, it seems like someone's ugliest dystopian narrative. Homo Sapien Sapien becomes obsolete and is no longer needed for its labor. It's replaced by AI robots that require no sleep, no bathroom breaks, no vacations, no pay, no benefits. Even the cheapest sweatshop human labor, still needs most of those.

What becomes of the seven billion obsolete humans? This can go one of two ways. Either we all spend our lives pursuing our highest aspirations or at least playing video games, while AI does the labor for us. Or, human beings become a pointless redundancy that drains the planets resources without returning any value.

Elon Musk has presented a third option that sees our only salvation. He proposes we concede our inferiority and merge with AI. 

There are many questions we should all be asking about all of this. Yet, where is this discourse about AI's implications for humanity or even the need for humanity being had? Are MSNBC, Fox News, or CNN spending hour upon hour on their primetime shows discussing the implications? No. Are the New York Times or the Huffington Post moving this to the top of the agenda? No.

Well, then, I'm sure our politicians are figuring this out, right? The recent circus testimony with Mark Zuckerberg gives me little confidence that Congress is capable of understanding AI and its implications for human beings.

There's a term often used in business called a value proposition. It's a statement that describes what you bring to the table in business. What is the the value proposition going forward for Homo Sapien Sapien to the Powers That Be (PTBs) on this planet?

What are the questions we need to be asking AND getting answers to right now?

  1. What is the truth about AI as it relates to job loss and job creation?
  2. If AI does absorb many to most human jobs in the next couple of decades, what is the plan for human beings? How will they be engaged?
  3. Will AI strictly serve the needs of humanity and humans will live in luxury or will there be less need for humans?
  4. How will humans pay their electric bills and buy groceries when they have no jobs?
  5. Even if humans will still be needed, will the PTBs still want or need 7 billion of us?

The very nature of these questions and the complete silence on them from our institutions, tells you one of two things. Either there's a definite plan in place (positive or negative from the perspective of the average human) and they're not worried or they'll be caught as unaware as anyone by this tsunami. A plan without transparency or no plan seems to be a recipe for disaster.

Finally, how does all of this play into David Icke's claim that they want to cull the population? We've established that to some significant degree the human workforce will not be needed. We've established that the best case scenario is humans are freed to pursue their goals and dreams while AI runs the vacuum cleaner and manufactures driverless cars.

What about the worst case scenario? Many of you probably have corporate jobs. You've probably been with a company that has experienced layoffs. We live in a world that has been mercilessly taught to abhor and eliminate redundant and unproductive resources. 

Given that mindset, can we really expect that the PTBs on this planet to allow 7 billion human beings to go on permanent vacation, while they still consume massive resources? Given corporate layoffs as a model, does it seem likely that the proposal to reduce the human population can be far behind the "oversupply?" Maybe Icke is on to some bad news the PTBs just haven't gotten around to telling us because they need us to "stay focused" and "push through these changes" so as not to hurt the bottom line while the new system is implemented.

At a minimum, it's something to consider. Remember, we always encourage our readers to be aware and prepared, but not scared. By thinking about these things now, we can move the outcome in a direction favorable to the survival and thriving of the human race.

Some will say, don't you want to improve your species? To them, I respond in the immortal words of Mr. Worf.

Locutus of Borg: Worf. Klingon species. A warrior race. You too will be assimilated.
Worf: The Klingon Empire will never yield.
Locutus: Why do you resist? We only wish to raise quality of life for all species.
Worf: I like my species the way it is.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media.