Mike Murphy, Barry Goldwater, and Wright-Patterson Air Base


Mike Murphy was a broadcasting legend in the Kansas City area. He had a long-running radio show on KCMO back when talk was more local than syndicated. His quirky on-air personality and golden radio voice endeared him to listeners. In the broader Kansas City community, he famous co-founding the nation's second largest St. Patrick's Day Parade, tireless charitable work in the community, and famous stunts. He once organized a cow run (a humorous take the Spanish bull run) down the streets of Mission, KS - a suburb of Kansas City.

Murphy also was a lifelong UFO enthusiast and he often featured guests on the topic way before Art Bell or such things were cool. I first heard Zecharia Sitchin, Budd Hopkins, Stanton Friedman, Whitely Strieber, and others in UFOlogy on Murphy's show. When Coast to Coast AM did become a thing, Murphy guest-hosted the show on a couple of occasions.

He also gave early air time to author and researcher Marc Davenport who wrote one of the best UFO books you may never have read - Visitors From Time: The Secret of the UFOs.

In the spring of 1993, there was information circulating that retired Senator Barry Goldwater had shared a story about the time he asked his friend General Curtis LeMay - former Chief of Staff of the US Air Force - about alien bodies and technology being held at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. Goldwater was a long-time Arizona senator and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. He earned the nickname "Mr. Conservative" for his hawkish foreign policy stance against communism. He was the 1964 Republican nominee for president, losing in a landslide partly because Lyndon Johnson promised not to go to war in Vietnam. Johnson famously painted Goldwater as a war-monger with his famous campaign ad featuring a young girl picking daisies in a field followed by an explosion of a nuclear weapon in her eyes.

The key point is that Goldwater, who was also a general in the Air Force National Guard, was beloved in Pentagon circles. Murphy had information that he had been shut down when he asked about Wright-Patterson and he wanted to get the story straight from Goldwater.

Murphy became obsessed with getting the interview and eventually landed it. He flew to Arizona and did a live interview with the aging senator. They talked about wide-ranging issues, but Murphy's whole audience knew that Murphy was going to spring the UFO question at some point in the interview.

Here's a transcript of that interview that was posted years later on TheParaCast.com. However, I listened live the day of the interview and can corroborate the accuracy of the transcript. The recording was, according to someone from KCMO, Murphy's property. It's hard to know what became of it when he passed in 2011.


Now, I don't know whether this is folklore, whether this is true, but I've been a flying saucer fan since I was a little kid. I use to know...I use to know Major Donald Keyhoe...his mother use to live next door to us. So back in the 40s he came out with "Flying Saucers are Real" and all this books. So I am little kid and I've been with this all my life. And maybe this is folklore, but the story is you tried to find something out about the Roswell crash.


Is that true?

I know that in...at Wright-Patterson field the Air Force had, and I have to assume that it's still there...had a room where I think they called the Blue Room or the Green Room in which was assembled all the information that the Air Force had put together on UFOs. So I called my friend Curt LeMay one day and I said: "What about this Curt? Can I see the stuff in there?" He cussed me out in every four letter word...

You remember what he said?

I can't repeat it.

Ha ha ha...

He said: "Don't ever ask me that again and don't ever talk about it to anybody! I don't want to hear you ever mention it!" Now I...I can't say...I wont say here and say I believe in UFOs but I can tell you this. There is about 2 billion planets in this universe that we know about. How many are there universes out there? We don't know. Nobody can't tell me that this is the only planet of 2 billion...on which there are living things like people.

While we're in the theoretical Age of Disclosure and stories like this seem quaint, this was huge news for someone like Goldwater to be saying this in 1993. I believe it's still important to document the history of UFOlogy to understand how we got where we are. The supposed artifacts and bodies at Wright-Patterson remain unacknowledged by the US Government. So, this remains key evidence.

LeMay and Goldwater were personal friends as well as fellow hawks and generals. Goldwater said his friend had never gotten so mad at him as he did when he asked that question. Later Goldwater went further in a TV show about UFOs.

We all lost a treasure when Mike Murphy passed. He was UFO before UFO was cool. He had a genuine passion and curiosity for alternative subjects. I wish all of you had the chance to hear him on the air, as I was fortunate enough to.

Upon his passing, Missouri Senator Claire Mccaskill, a frequent guest on Murphy's show when she was in county government, rose on the floor of the senate and gave this fitting tribute.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media