People Are People

We have lost our humanity. You see it every day on social media and the news. People throwing labels at each other rather than having meaningful dialogue. If we are to meet the challenges ahead of us, we must regain our humanity.

Here's a mantra for you:
People are people wherever you go.

Use it to remind yourself when someone says something you don't like, thinks something you don't agree with, or makes choices you wouldn't make. People are people wherever you go.

Women are people, men are people, tall people are people, overweight people are people, black people are people, Buddhists are people, children are people, Republicans are people, skinny people are people, white people are people, short people are people, famous people are people, Jewish people are people, smart people are people, poor people are people, Democrats are people, Christians are people, gay people are people, educated people are people, middle class people are people, Asians are people, young people are people, conservatives are people, Muslims are people, single moms are people, CEOs are people, liberals are people, people we don't agree with are people, people who look differently are people, people who believe differently are people, rich people are people, Latinos are people, transgender people are people, Hindus are people, people who cut you off in traffic are people, people root for different teams are people, old people are people, All the people you encounter every day are people.

So, what's the problem? You were a young child naively interacting with other human beings like we're all the same and some adult came along and told you, "they're different than you" or "we're better than them." Maybe you just picked it up from the vibe or the pop culture.

We can raise the vibe. We can heal the wounds. We can march forward together as a species united and determined. Or, we can keep letting our minor differences drag us all down, bring us to conflict, and swallow our mutual dreams whole. The choice is ours!

People ARE people wherever you go!

I'd love to take credit for the line, but it comes from a 1980s song by Depeche Mode titled "People are People."

Here's the video. See the commonalities rather than the differences and amazing things can happen for us.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media