Original Radio Reports on the Roswell Incident

July 8, 1947 a date that should have been seared into the minds of Americans. As with many news events today, the earliest reports are the purest. These reports were broadcast across the United States that hot July week before official narratives could be devised and the cover up could begin. In fact, the story went around the world.

Everyone believed we had disclosure and confirmation and then the rug was pulled out.

It took 30 years, but finally the secret got out about Roswell. Jesse Marcel, Sr. shared his story with the world - that he'd been ordered to lie about the crash materials in the famous photo op in Fort Worth.

Here's more of Marcel's story from the old In Search Of program hosted by Leonard Nimoy.

In the years since the iconic event and the historic whistleblowing, many stories have been told about that day. Few know the whole truth, but for many of us this day came to represent a view of the universe that can never be undone.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media