The Groupie Syndrome in UFOlogy

"Better to trust the man who is frequently in error than the one who is never in doubt."
--Eric Sevareid


Many years ago I established a firm premise and promise to myself to break a very common human reasoning flaw. Human beings have a powerful tendency to believe we people we like and doubt people we don't. You see this every day in our politics. An idea that might be acceptable to someone if "their" party proposed it is rejected because the other party proposed it. The same is true in UFOlogy.

What is my specific promise?

I will accept good information whatever the source and I will reject bad information whatever the source.

UFOlogy doesn't need Greer groupies or DeLonge groupies or Sitchin groupies or Ray Davis groupies for that matter. We need TRUTH groupies. We need analysis that looks the facts of every case, situation, and claim and applies the pursuit of truth to it rather than a rooting interest to it.

What am I talking about? It's this tendency and desire to believe certain things about Disclosure, aliens, and related topics based on WHO said rather than on what makes common sense or aligns with ascertainable facts.

Like political, sports, and other rooting interest endeavors, this rooting interest is too prevalent in modern UFOlogy. While its damaging in our politics and kind of fun in our sports; it's decimating in the filed of UFOlogy where we already start with the handicap that truth comes hard.


It's an easy trap to fall into. We believe this person has brought good or bad information to us in the past and I'm not saying we don't take that into consideration. I am saying that each case and each situation is different and we need to look at the facts and the evidence of that situation rather than falling in line with someone's idea because of who they are.

This is similar to the social problem we have today where we make crimes committed by individuals against other individuals into crimes committed by one group against another group. The facts of every other similar criminal case don't apply to the facts of this one case. The facts of this one case apply to this one case.

The same is true of UFOlogy. The fact that you generally agree with a researcher doesn't mean their analysis of one event should be automatically accepted or someone else's differing analysis should be rejected. We must, if truth is our objective, look at the facts of THIS case go from there. It's a hard thing to do because humans are a herd creature and "groupieism" comes naturally to us.

There was a book a written back in 1972 that infuriated and confused many peace-loving American Buddhists. The title was "If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him." This sounded violent and angry and people didn't like it. The point of the book was that Buddha's teaching encourages people not to make an idol of anyone or anything - including the Buddha. The author pointed out that many were blocking their own path by making an idol of the Buddha's personality. The title of the book was to shake them awake to this fact so they could clear that hindrance.

We need to do the same thing in UFOlogy. There are no sacred questions that cannot be asked nor ideas that cannot be challenged. 

If you meet the idolization of some individual or idea on your road to UFO truth, kill it. It's blocking your way to the truth. See the facts of each situation as clearly and objectively as you can.

Most of all, stay respectful and together. The establishment wants nothing more than to break us into squabbling cliques. Let's not give them that gift.

Eyes open minds open, my friends!

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media