Spring is FINALLY Here!

To quote The Beatles, “It’s been a long cold lonely winter.” I’m ready! How about you?

We really had to work for it in many areas of the US this year, but Spring has finally sprung. Temperatures of lingered far below normal in much of the country in April. Even Oklahoma, a state renowned for Spring tornados, has not even had one so far this year.

So, it looks like Spring wont' be long this year, but hopefully we can still make the most of it and soak in this moment of that symbolizes and manifests the concept of rebirth in the world around us. As the life returns to the world outside, we can feel the life swelling inside of me.

Today I am sharing two short Spring poems. I wrote “Springtime Moment” about 1991. They were inspired by a moment laying in a field on a warm spring day and taking in the moment. “Paradise” was written at about the same time. It was just one of those verses that appears in your head and you write it down and slap your name on it.

May your Spring of 2018 be filled with moments like the ones described in these poems. 


Springtime Moment

Spread out on the warm spring grass
staring at the vast blue sky;
conscious of my smallness.

In each cloud a vision,
sometimes objects sometimes faces
ever shifting their position.

Heavens slowly turning;
the curve of the world may be seen
by eyes cast upward in dreamy wondering.


Serene little sparrow calls
Finding hidden waterfalls
Napping near flowing streams
Dreaming timeless vernal dreams

Sitting, soaking quiet spaces
Seeking, finding all life’s graces
Restful, thankful for this day
Simple blessings come my way.

Be peaceful Be positive Be prosperous!

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media