Sinclair Script Shows Again Why People Have Turned to Alternative Media

Donald Trump did not invent the charge of fake news. The American mainstream news media has been and is earning it every day. for years now. The backlash and organized censorship these media companies have supported to deflect legitimate criticism against them under the guise of freedom of the press, must stop.

This is not a right or left issue, though they will sell it to you that way. We can all agree that freedom of the press is vital for our country. We need to be clearer on the kind of free press we want to protect.

There's been a lot of brow-beating about fake news coming out of the mainstream news media over the past couple of years. Certainly, there are people out there spreading stories that have no basis in fact. We can all agree that' not useful.

Here's where the mainstream media and political establishment simply don't get it or don't want to get it. They group, into the fake news category, alternative voices, investigative journalists, and people who talk about topics the establishment doesn't want discussed.

There's been a huge push among mainstream media to position themselves as legitimate, trustworthy, and REAL news. We're supposed to believe they've vetted what they write in their print media and say on their broadcast media, right?

We're supposed to believe that the mainstream media is holding power to account and telling us unbiased truth even in the face of decades of evidence to the contrary. The clear objective of the media and political establishment is shush unapproved voices and try to go back to how it used to be when a few media companies had all the say in what information you received.

In the middle of this battle, Sinclair Broadcast Group decided it would be a good idea to have their local news personalities tell their audiences how committed they are to serious journalism and taking care of their communities by protecting them from the fake news they might fall victim to out their in the information jungles.

So, as if to demonstrate once again that what you see on TV news is scripted by a few and read by professional speakers to the many, they wrote a script and had their "news" people across the country read it to their audiences. They inserted their local market into the appropriate place in the script.

At one point in the script, the newsperson reads, "Biased and false news has become all too common on social media. More alarming, some media outlets publish these same fake stories without checking facts first."

I guess they mean the way Sinclair local news anchors read this script without checking into the fact that they were reading a script that all their colleagues across the country would also be reading. That's world-class fact checking.

If the scripting was the lone example of the ways the so-called legitimate media deceives us every single day, we could overlook this. It's not. They air government-prepared propaganda and air it like it's news. They sell government narratives about the economy, war, the two political parties. You name it, they're reading it from a script.

Where's the journalism in this mindless reading of teleprompters? Where's the authenticity? Where's the activism that asks hard questions? It's practically non-existent. To the American peoples' credit, they've grown tired of this nonsense. They've turned to alternative news sources who at least ask these hard questions, even if they don't have all the answers.

The establishment has become well-aware of this fact. Their sway and their audiences are plummeting. To save themselves, they air one negative, divisive story after another and analyze them half to death, while stories really important to people go unreported.

And if they'll script ice cream, easter bunnies, and moral outrage against fake news, it's a fair question to ask what else is being scripted? War? Framing whistleblowers? Recession?

So, the next time you hear a friend, colleague, or family member decrying fake news and defending the mainstream media under the guise of defending a free press, show them these examples. Ask them if that's really the free press the Constitution is speaking of? You see, my friends, a press that reads from corporate and government scripts needs no protection from the Constitution. It will be allowed and extolled by those in power.

The free press that needs protecting and was given that protection in the very first Amendment is the press that challenges the status quo and holds power to account. Defend that press from the rash of censorship sweeping social media at the behest of companies like Sinclair and a political class who does not really believe in the First Amendment.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media