David Ikce is Again Lucid on World Events: How It Works 101


David Icke is someone I have followed for years, well before he became cool. He has always had as lucid a view of what goes on beyond the headlines in our world as anyone I've come across. He matches that lucidity with an amazing ability to articulate it.

There are a few of us who have been well-aware of what Mr. icke is speaking about in this video. I didn't come to it on my own. As I was piecing together 9/11 because the mainstream narrative never made sense to my 6th sense, I came across Icke. He had been putting those pieces together more than a decade before that day. What he was saying resonated with me and I continued my own research I came to see those events as few have allowed themselves to see them.

Then I learned that this way of looking at the world explains the ridiculousness that goes on in the world - regime change, perpetual war, nonsensical explanations from power - pretty darn well. That ridiculousness of foist upon us again this weekend. There must always be another enemy and another enemy, but oh, the list of the enemies was laid out 15 years ago before 9/11. Regardless of which party is in power in Washington DC and London, the agenda rolls on.

In this video, Icke talks about the current events, but he backs up and covers again the ridiculous coincidences that link The Project for the New American Century, 9/11, and the 17 years of war and low vibration energy that have unfolded since.

Go to this document - Rebuilding America's Defenses. Look who signed this document and who came to power within a year of its publish. Search the phrase New Pearl Harbor and read the sections right around that quote.

Put your paradigms on hold. Watch this video with fresh eyes. Some of you still won't see it, but others will become aware that the daily headlines of crisis and fear are an illusion to be overcome not a paradigm to embrace.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media

Ray Davis