End the Labels That Divide Us


So many times recently we've seen our nation torn apart by US and THEM thinking. You see, when we blame a whole group of people for the actions of individuals, as we do constantly goaded by our mainstream media, we destroy the trust that creates the fabric of society. We also buy in wholeheartedly to labels we didn’t choose and that do nothing but divide the human beings on this planet from each other.

There are no evil groups of people. There are individual people who do evil things. They should be held accountable to all of us for the evil they do. Holding whole groups of people responsible for things they didn’t do and thoughts they didn’t think is nonsensical, unjust, and dangerous.

So, when I hear people start a sentence with “Those black people….those white people…those police…those Muslims….those Jews…those overweight people…I know something stupid is about the follow.

This video says it more powerfully than I ever could. I hope you’ll take the four minutes to watch the whole thing and really think about the world we are creating when we let any label other than human define us or the people around us.

Be the person YOU came to the planet to be!

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media