Politics, Religion, and Ancient Aliens


Good day, my friends. I want to talk to you about a very important topic tonight, well, actually several of them. They are topics we typically don’t like to discuss and many of us avoid them at all costs. I’m talking about politics and religion.

I know, I know. The recent political campaign wore us out. It’s the last thing you want to talk about. And religion? Well, we learned a long time ago we don’t discuss that topic with some people unless we want to see their disrespectful ugly side up close.

So, why do I bring them up? It’s simple. No serious consideration can be given nor understanding obtained on Ancient Alien/Ancient Astronaut Theory (nor the modern UFO or extraterrestrial phenomena) without them. Why? Because these theories are not interesting curiosities buried in our past. The implication and the ongoing repercussions of them bleeds through today’s headlines. It stares at us from our monetary and economic systems. It speaks to us in our churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues. For billions, it hold sway over their very souls.

To remove these topics from consideration, makes it impossible to follow all the linkages from the ancient to the modern world. It eviscerates the context we must have to see that our world continues to be dominated by beings that “created” us, conditioned us, and continue to limit us and set us against one another. I’m, of course, speaking of the advanced, but imperfect beings who called themselves our gods.

There are some very large pages on Facebook and elsewhere…pages I love and respect…that don’t allow any religious or political dialogue on their pages. I get it. They don’t want that ugliness, disrespect, and lack of self-control to be spewed all over their sites. We must find a way to accommodate these topics and do it with respect for each other. We must all remember that we all want to find the truth and none of us has all of that truth.

Eliminating these topics means reducing the dialogue to a niche interest discussion of fascinating anachronisms. It does not draw in the critical mass of people who must understand there are current, critical implications to these ideas right now impacting the operation of our world, their future and that of their families.

To see how wars are fueled, how powerful monetary interests operate, or how governments defy the will of their people, we are witnessing the fingerprints of an age-old battle for control on this planet. When we see race and religion being divided and conquered by their anger for each other, we are seeing a daily recreation of the Tower of Babel that continues to separate us and keep us from “being like the gods.” That’s what they most fear.

Despise the ugliness these topics bring out? Me too! Let’s commit ourselves to weaving them into the dialogue, but doing so respectfully. No religion’s or theory’s or political movement’s half-truth is as good as the whole truth we can put together if we grow up and look at the whole picture. We cannot expose real truth unless we allow people to express real truth.

We are political and spiritual beings. Each has a valid place in our understanding of the world and each, hopefully in a more enlightened way, will have a place in the transparent world we hope to create where Ancient Astronaut intervention is accepted as part of our common human heritage.

Keep seeking your truth!

 Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media
This article originally appeared on ray-davis.com on January 6, 2017