Jimmy Dore Destroys Establishment's Julian Assange Lies

There is, perhaps, no other example of how despised a true free press is by the global establishment than Julian Assange. Here's a man who gave up his freedom to tell the truth about the lies that led us to the wars in the Middle East that went on create more terrorism, not less. He was beloved by the left for exposing that information and hated by right. 

Then, in a classic example of the hypocrisy that fills our popular thinking today, he became despised on the left for distributing emails - not false or fake emails - that exposed Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) during the 2016 election. 

He immediately became public enemy Number 3 on the left after Trump and Putin. The left imagines the three of them "colluding" together to cheat Hillary Clinton out of the election. All he did, just like with the Iraq War, was tell the truth and report it.

Who hates him at any given moment depends upon whose corruption he's exposing. Because at the end of the day, there are a lot of people who think their side of a political debate is more important than the truth.

A commitment to the truth is what has made Julian Assange a pariah among the political and intelligence elite in the west. Why? Because truth is the last the thing they stand for. Truth gets in the way wars for profit in the Middle East and a new Cold War with Russia that Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex are just aching for.

Progressive commentators Jimmy Dore and Ron Placone do an excellent job here breaking down the myth and exposing the reason Julian Assange is under literal threat by the Powers That Be in The United States and the EU.

At 6 Sense Media, we're not interested in red states and blue states. We are interested in the truth. When a journalist like Julian Assange puts his personal freedom at risk to share the truth, he should be extolled and congratulated not harassed and threatened.

The American mainstream media that has cried for over a year that freedom of the press in under attack has rushed to Assange's defense, right? Wrong! That mainstream press no interest in freedom of the press or the truth. They just don't want to be called out their glaring lack serious journalism that has led to them becoming little more that PR wings of the Military Industrial Complex.

Check out Dore's video. He's spot on!

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media