Transcending the Tribe

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

~Oscar Wilde

The most amazing human beings I have ever met or read about in history all have one thing in common. They transcend the tribes they were born into and become fully conscious human beings capable of seeing beyond the narrow points of view into which they were born.

These remarkable people manage to transcend the tribes of gender, race, culture, religion, and politics to make the first adjective that describes them HUMAN. I believe these people are what Joseph Campbell termed the HERO. The hero sees beyond the moment, beyond conditioning, and on to a future that offers something greater.

This is easier said than done. The tribes themselves work feverishly to keep people in the fold. They find a THEM to focus upon and use fear, angst, or legitimate concerns about THEM to guilt and fear people into remaining loyal to the tribe.

The powers that run society find it useful to keep the tribes distinct and at odds. Going back to Machiavelli and probably before, institutions have seen the benefit of playing groups against each other as means of maintaining power and control

Most of the people who achieve the path of the HERO do it through one of two mechanisms. The first group is particularly conscious and determined to find that path beyond the tribe. These people seem almost born to break through the paradigms. The second are forced to it by circumstances. A significant enough cognitive dissonance occurs in their lives that forces them to release the conditioning and awaken to the bigger picture.

Does this mean we shun our identities? Of course not! It simply means that we learn to value them without using them as a spear to harm those who are different.

Every one of us has the HERO within. For many, the tribe has simply subsumed the HERO. It is my conviction that more of the HERO and less of the tribe is the right mix for humanity’s way forward.

I challenge you today to see beyond your group and the grab the mantle of the HERO and make it real in your life.

Keep seeking. Keep questioning.

Ray Davis for 6 Sense Media