Russian Double Agent Poisoning Case - Shouldn't The Past Teach Us to Wait for Proof?

The FIRST casualty of war is always the truth.


When it comes to the transparent machinations for war, I have two really bad attributes. I've been around awhile now (53 years and counting) and I still have a memory. You see, I've seen the push for war before where everything and I mean EVERYTHING that happens on the planet is tied back to our desire for war with a certain party.

Saddam Hussein had his turn. He was persistently demonized for the thirteen years between Gulf War I and Gulf War II. Like Putin, there were good reasons to criticize Hussein. It was just fascinating to watch the procession of machinations that reached such a pitch among the American people. Such a fevered pitch was reached that we didn't blink when President George W. Bush's response to an attack supposedly committed by Saudi nationals holding up in Afghan caves was to attack Iraq.

The day was cloudy? Hussein did it. Have a headache? Hussein did it. We've seen this transparent game going on again with Russia and Putin. So much so that to even say we should wait for the facts makes you a Putin puppet for Russian sympathizer. Jimmy Dore did a fantastic job of breaking down the political back and forth in Britain that mimics the same here in the US.

Not all of us went along with the push for war in Iraq. We called out the flaws in the case and urged for us to wait for the facts and were told to shut up. Journalists, professors, and others lost their jobs. Children took the streets to smash their Dixie Chick CDs because their leader criticized Bush. But we couldn't wait because...

Mushroom cloud...

We must act now..

Well, we made a mistake...

Well, we made a mistake...

They were all so sure "based on all the best evidence" that we had to invade Iraq. Now they all clamor, except President Bush and Vice President Cheney, to distance themselves from what has turned out to be a very bad mistake.

It's not about admitting your mistake fifteen years later. It's about doing a better job of being right in real time. It's a matter of seeking to avoid war at all costs instead of aiding and abetting it. And it's not that hard.

Fast forward 15 years now Vladimir Putin is the new Hussein. Every negative thing that happens in the world is tied to Putin. For those of you who slept through history class, this is the lesson on how world powers lead up to war. Dialogue ceases. Accusations fly. Conclusions are jumped to. Our reptile brains takes over our reasoning centers.

It should be noted that both British Prime Minister May and President Trump are being pushed from "the right" on Russia. That is to say by their intelligence agencies through their friends in the media. You might have heard during all of this that May has been "weak on Russia" up until now, but is now showing strength. Trump has been hamstrung since his inauguration over fears he will be accused of colluding with the Russians. Who exactly is that hidden hand pushing the highest elected official in each country toward a stronger stance on Russia?

Could the Russian government be responsible for this attack? Absolutely. If that can be PROVEN, then action should be taken. We live in this crazy world right now where accused equals guilty especially when we really want someone to be guilty. It's dangerous enough when it happens in issues of every day life. It's particularly dangerous when shoves the worlds two greatest nuclear powers towards the precipice of conflict.

Let's pump the brakes. We've been lied to before. Some of us have said it in real time. We won't be silenced now. There is a strong push in political and intelligence circles, particularly in the US and UK, for confrontation with Russia.

First, we have "election meddling" and now this poisoning. We have not seen hard evidence in either case. We've just seen the equivalent of the mushroom cloud comment. Can't wait. Must act. If irrefutable evidence can be produced in either case, then action should be taken. What I see is the same old attempt to smear the desired enemy and even the risk of the next step.

The next step is not just to smear, but to frame. These toxins can be traced by experts and that information needs to come out. This is key because there are entities in  the American and British intelligence hierarchy with the means and some might argue the motive  to conduct such an operation. We cannot overlook that possibility.

We've never lived in a world more easily manipulated for our consumption and tilted toward certain conclusions. We can look at history. We can listen to our gut. We can make a difference and avert this Second Cold War.

Someone is lying. The question is who. Until the FACTS are in, we should proceed cautiously. The peoples of the US, Europe, and Russia are better off without this conflict. Let me leave you with comments from President Bill Clinton made a a moment 21 years ago when NATO and Russia were agreeing to a new partnership. This has obviously, and for reasons on both sides, gone to heck in hand basked. We need to get back here.

The world is what we make of it...all of us! Will we make a Second Cold War or a Third Hot War or will we use all the information and resources at our hands to check facts and demand proof before we are sold more war?

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media