Why The American People Have No Say


Before you can solve the problem, you have acknowledge and understand the problem. Why do we have perpetual war for profit, net neutrality, renewed banking deregulation, double digit inflation in higher education and healthcare, and daily assaults on freedom of speech?

It’s simple profits before people.

Politicians are owned by their donors. Media is owned by its advertisers. The donors and advertisers are largely one and the same. The people have no seat at that table and so our interests are continually ignored.

This is not a party thing, a right-left thing, or a middle class versus poor thing. This is about who drives the narrative on every topic and who is excluded from the conversation (read those who disagree with the narrative).

matrix_both_political parties.jpg

This Fall the two parties and their media mouthpieces will again try to sell us on their fake differences. They’ll stir our emotions with divisive social issues that never get resolved (have you noticed that?) and again side with their donors and advertisers on the issues that have the most impact in our daily lives.

The playbook is trite and predictable and yet millions of us seem to never tire of being pulled into the emotion and the drama, as we conveniently forget the non-results that will follow the frenzy.

Maybe, just maybe, we should ignore labels, bravado, and vote-shaming and choose candidates who are with us on the issues. Maybe we listen to voices who speak from the heart rather than from heartless talking points.

What do you have to lose except perpetually NOT getting what most of us want and agree on?

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media