Take A Darn Nap Already!


Today, I just learned, is #NationalNappingDay. Now, stay awake because this is important. Is it just me or does our society have napping backwards? When I was a small child, I was forced to take an afternoon nap. Now, as an adult who could use a nap, it's frowned upon. 

My five-year-old self would have rather been up playing or doing something. I know now my imposed nap time was really more of a break for the adults who took care of me.

So, I have a confession to make. I take naps. I'm fortunate enough to work at home and I'm usually up working early and often work late for my job. The trade-off is that I will sometimes take a nap, if my daily schedule allows.

As an Addison's Disease patient, I have more of a medically-justified reason than most and always get my work hours in. Still, I grew up in this culture and I feel kind of guilty.


Why is America so anti-napping? Many other cultures, particularly latin cultures, honor the need for an afternoon siesta after a morning of work and a sleep-inducing lunch. Why  is it so taboo in America to listen to a very natural function of our bodies? Why must we PUSH THROUGH IT? Heck, we're so obsessed with work that 55 percent of Americans don't even take all their allotted vacation. Against that backdrop, who has time for nap?

Why do we care so little for our rest and relaxation? The answer is in our GDP - that's Gross Domestic Product. Americans are the most productive workers in the world. We are very proud of how productive we are. We must be productive (clap, clap, clap)! We have "so much to do" and we have to multitask to get it all done because if we didn't get it all done...well, we don't know what would happen but we sure don't want to find out. Listen to our bodies and take a 30-minute snooze? That's unAmerican. 


Why are we so obsessed with these paradigms that we will our body to ignore a natural impulse to close our eyes, rest our brain and our body, and refresh ourselves in the afternoon?

Maybe National Napping Day is a call to arms (we like that too.) Let's declare war on the afternoon drowsies and defeat the scourge of fatigue. Lions take naps and they're still the king of the jungle. Bears take naps and they never starve. Why don't we human beings take a hint from nature and take a darn nap!

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media