Earth Changes: A Magnetic Pole Shift?

Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof.
Isiah 24:1, King James Version

Dennis has done an outstanding job in recent weeks covering current speculation about an impending magnetic pole shift on The Seiker Podcast. He's been citing information shared by the space weather expert Suspicious Observer on his YouTube channel.

The question is what do we really know? We know this is a huge topic of immense importance and that it's too big to adequately cover in a single blog post.

Science has known for some time the Earth periodically undergoes pole shifts. What science doesn't know is whether the shift is sudden and violent or a gradual process over time. The main evidence for the theory is the way rocks at various levels as you go back in time have reversed magnetic polarities. This process is even used in dating rock strata.

Is the shift violent and sudden or gradual?

Sources as diverse as the Bible above, Edgar Cayce, and Native American prophecy foretell sudden upheaval or "Earth changes." Immanuel Velikovsky, Erich Von Daniken, and others have put forward the Berezovka Mammoth discovered in Siberia in 1901 with food still in its mouth as evidence of a radical and sudden shift.

Beyond the mammoth, we have other odd pieces of evidence for sudden catastrophe. Some writers believe such a shift may be responsible for the sudden destruction of Atlantis. Plato described its destruction thusly:

"...And the island of Atlantis which was greater than Africa and Asia, in one day and night was overwhelmed beneath the sea in consequence of an extraordinary earthquake and inundation and suddenly disappeared, becoming sea, not indeed navigable, but full of gulfs and eddies.

Some believe the land mass we now call Antarctica may fit the bill as the mythical Atlantis. An enigmatic 16th Century map, based according to the map maker, on many ancient maps shows Antartica unfrozen, including an accurate representation of its coast hidden under the ice for all of our recorded history. Could this landmass be Atlantis? Could it have once been unfrozen and then suddenly frozen by a jolting magnetic shift? Researcher Graham Hancock describes the Piri Reis map.

Mainstream science rejects these interpretations and the concept of a sudden shift. NASA provides the case for a gradual shift in this 2011 post.  The post claims the process has been underway since the early 19th Century and that true north has moved nearly 600 miles in that time.

Rumors of an impending pole shift have been around since at least the 1990s. I can remember Art Bell discussing this topic during that timeframe with Stewart Best, Gordon Michael Scallion and others. Scallion said he had deep meditative visions where he was shown the following map of The United States after a sudden pole shift that he claimed would be between 20 and 45 degrees. This was more than double Cayce's prediction of between 16 and 20 degrees. Yet, the theory and the belief it is imminent predate all of these players. An 1872 article describing ancient Mesoamerican myths claims the idea originated in these myths.


In 2005, National Geographic published an article titled North Magnetic Pole is Shifting Toward Russia. In that article, some scientist cited evidence that shift was occurring at the rate of 25 miles (40 kilometers) per year.

If either version of a magnetic pole shift is true, such an event requires preparation, but not just physical. For such a transformative event requires our psychological and spiritual preparation as well. Such changes can be terrifying, when viewed through the lens of the individual. Yet, viewed from the standpoint of cosmic time and the Earth's long history, these events may have happened many times. After each event, civilization slowly recovers only to be dealt another setback.

The evidence for that idea lives in myths around the world. It exists in the geological record. There's very little reason to doubt pole shifts really happen. Author Barbara Hand Clow has dubbed Catastrophobia in her 2001 book of the same name. In this fascinating read, Hand Clow posits there are deep psychological, even psychic, scars in our collective consciousness related to past catastrophes we've experienced. She even hypothesizes this may be why we are so fixated on disastrous ends to our civilization...because our deeper consciousness is well aware of these repeated past events.

What Can We Do?

Here are my solutions on how we deal with the potential of these Earth changes.

  1. Prepare - if this event concerns you, do what you can to be as ready as you can without sacrificing your life to it. What do I mean by prepare? Prepare individually, with your family, and community. Demand our governments focus on the best evidence of what is going to happen and work together to get the best outcome. This far more important than the World War III saber-rattling going on right now. In fact, one has to wonder if all of that isn't simply designed to keep "the kids" quiet and distracted and not looking to bigger events like Earth changes. The only way we get through this physically, if it comes, is TOGETHER!
  2. Stoicism - the fact is whenever and however this event happens, we have bought the ticket and we're on the roller coaster. We can't get off the ride now. We just to need to mentally prepare ourselves for such challenging events.
  3. Fear Mongers and Profiteers - in every crisis, there are people who seek to spread fear (the best drug for human control and manipulation ever conceived) and profit from the event or at least the fear. As we say here at 6 Sense Media, "Be aware, be prepared, and don't be scared." Refuse to play the fear monger's game.
  4. Develop Ourselves - one of Buddha's disciples once approached the great teacher and demanded to know a laundry list of esoteric information before he would continue is meditation. The Buddha's reply is instructive for us in situations like this. The Buddha pointed out that regardless of all that information, the real issue was right in front of us every day. Human suffering and the need for enlightenment were true, real, and present regardless of whatever else may be happening. Buddha compared the request to a man, having been struck by a poison arrow, demanding to know everything there was about his attacker, the poison, and how it happened before allowing a doctor to treat him. Whether massive earth changes come or they don't, we have our work and our purpose and our enlightenment to consider and work for. Let us not be distracted by what might happen.
  5. Chicken Little - we're all familiar with the childhood story of Chicken Little. A nut falls on Chicken Little's head and he becomes convinced the sky is falling. He begins sharing that message of fear with everyone one he met and soon everyone was in fear. It doesn't end well for Chicken Little or his friends. Nor will it end well for us if we give into our fears on this topic. We don't know for absolute certain when, how, or even if this will happen in our lifetimes. As Dennis pointed out on TSP this week, we could spend our lives prepping and worrying about an event we'll never face. Chicken Little is a bad advisor. We should neither become him or listen to him.
  6. Transcendence - whatever happens in this physical realm, even something as catastrophic as a pole shift, only impacts his physical self. A few years ago I coined this phrase, "These forms are temporary bubbles on the surface of the timeless ocean, but we are made of ocean not bubbles." To my core, I believe that. Everything we experience here - fearful or jubilant, grand or subtle - it's all part of the experience. Yet, when it's over, our bubble may burst, but we are still made of ocean. We will reappear again as another bubble and then another. We are that timeless ocean. What do we have to fear? We should remember the story of the Humbling of Indra (below). We're all part of the opening and closing of the cosmic eye and we've been at it for a very long time. 

Remain determined, inspired, and unafraid!

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media