Getting Outta the Gotta Zone

Today’s Affirmation:
My life is built on choices not chances. Today I choose the life of my dreams and I live it now.

Many of us are living in perpetual Gotta Zones and we don't even realize it.


How often do we say it or hear others say it? “I’ve gotta do this or I’ve gotta do that.” It seems our society is obsessed with “gottas.”  We stress ourselves over all the things we’ve gotta get done. When one worry is resolved we seem to immediately start searching for the next thing to worry about like the addict seeking his next high. There is something within us that causes us to feel guilt if we aren’t doing SOME THING.

What we have forgotten is that most of the things we’ve gotta do relate to choices we’ve made. Through time, we have convinced ourselves that theses gottas are necessities imposed upon us by others.

The smart alec in the room might argue we gotta pay taxes, gotta conform to the law of gravity, or gotta die. These are examples of what might be called the rules of life. We cannot, at least at our current level of civilization, change them. Why enslave ourselves by applying “gotta” to them? 

Leaving those aside, most things we “gotta” do are choices. We may have very good reasons for doing them, but they are still choices. We’ve attached them to who we are, who we think we are, or who we think we’re supposed to be.

When you hear yourself saying “gotta” in any circumstance, ask the question:

“Why must I do this?

The “because phrase" that follows tells who or what has conditioned you to think you “gotta” do that. 

  • “Because my mom wants me to.”
  • “Because what would my husband think?" 
  • “Because God says so.”
  • “Because I need it to be happy.” 

Your “because phrase” also tells you what needs to be healed, released, or confronted, IF you want to remove the gotta from your life. You may find that your "because phrase" is more important to you than removing your gotta. That's perfectly OK. You can address those situations by shifting your mindset to "I get to" do those things. You've made a choice not change.

If your “because” phrase is just old programming or isn’t really something you value, then you know you're dealing with a gotta that was once forced upon you from the outside, but you can now release. It's not a commandment of the universe. It was simply some outside demand that you converted into a gotta instead of the choice it always was.

Finally, there's responsibility piece. If you live in a world filled with gottas, you're not responsible. Conversely, if you live in world filled with choices, you own them. If you would rather not own them, you may convert them into a set-in-stone rule book of gottas that rule your life, steal your dignity, and rob you of your sovereign choices.

Living in the Gotta Zone is living my checking other peoples' boxes instead of your own. You have power over your choices. If you don't like the choices you've made, you can change them. Seeing this, believing it, and practicing it is freeing.  Most of all, activating your power to choose gets you outta the Gotta Zone.

Wishing you a peaceful and positive day!

Ray Davis
for The Affirmation Spot and 6 Sense Media