Commentary: The Purveyors of the Second Cold War

The purveyors of the Second Cold War are merchants of fear. They, consciously or unconsciously, are creating again a world where a Duck and Cover mindset rules. Nothing is surer than this is the wrong direction for humanity. It will be up to the bulk of humanity to refuse to play in this game again. This not a right-left issue. It’s a common sense issue. Regardless of what is better for the Military Industrial Complex, peace and cooperation between the US and Russia is best for the people of both nations and the world.

Who will profit from the Second Cold War? The same people who profited from the First Cold War. You're not in that club. It won't be you or your children benefiting. You'll be living in this world again.

The next time you hear a demagogue suggesting that we should have a Second Cold War through words or implied words, think of this video. The video series was ridiculous anyway. Ducking and covering was not going to save you. It was used to terrorize a whole generation of children.

Is this the world you want your children and grandchildren to grow up in, especially when it can been avoided?

The next time they're trying to sell you this world all over again, refuse to play. We have a new red scare happening right now in our media and our popular culture. Like the previous red scare, it will take courage to face it down. Hopefully, we will find that courage faster this time.

We have new cold warriors ready to send us back to this world again. They have coalesced fear and anger at a single politician and an emotional and unexpected election outcome to sell you this Second Cold War.

So, I ask you, parents and grandparents, are we ready to go back to the world of Duck and Cover? Are we ready let constant fear be the reality for every child on the planet once again? Do we choose to go back into the darkness rather than forward into the light?

I choose forward not back. I choose a world of cooperation and human aspiration not one that risks annihilation. If your actions, your words, or your implicit cooperation support the Second Cold War, the outcome rests on you.

Ray Davis for 6 Sense Media

Ray is the co-founder of 6 Sense Media, the founder of The Affirmation Spot, and the author of Anunnaki Awakening.