It's Official: Google/YouTube Becomes Elitist Platform

Is it time to leave YouTube as a content creator and a viewer? There are alternatives.

Today Google/YouTube took the gloves off in their objective of becoming an elitist platform that squashes and obscures alternative voices. I received this nice little note about my two small channels. I have been cordially demonetized for being small and unimportant.


I'll be the first to admit, I could have and should have done more to build my YouTube presence in recent years. However, I had a small channel with self-made content that drove some traffic and brought in about $100 a year in ad revenue. That said, YouTube is a platform that became worth up to $75 billion by allowing users to generate content from anywhere and eventually began allowing users to make a little money by monetizing their channels for a SMALL share of the revenue they generated.

This followed the standard social media business model. Get millions and billions of people to create content for you, make billions, and then censor them, pay them pennies on the dollar (fi anything) for the revenue they generate for you.


Now, like the friend who has arrived and forgets who helped them get there, YouTube is dumping the idea of giving small channels any opportunity to earn any revenue from their content. They're listening to big media companies and Fortune 500 companies eager to cash in on the platform. To do that, they need to do two things.

  1. Squeeze out small players.
  2. Censor the heck out of the platform under the guise of saving us from the Russians (and alternative voices) and "protecting creator revenue across the YouTube ecosystem."

That second one is the real goal in all of this. Notice they are also making monetization dependent on a review to ensure a channel complies with "policies and guidelines". That's doublespeak for a channel that talks about topics deemed acceptable. I mean, come on! After months and months of demonetizing channels because their content doesn't conform to mainstream thinking, are we to believe this action is not related?

This infringement of free speech is being driven by federal government censorship desires that the Constitution makes it illegal for them to implement themselves and by Fortune 500 delicate sensibilities that don't really support free speech.

Sad that platform created and made successful by people making videos in their bedrooms now shoves these people off the train for the almighty dollar and an agenda of censorship. In an era when freedom of speech is despised except in July 4th speeches, should we really be surprised?

Many users and viewers are already fleeing these large Social Media platforms. After all, our eye balls pay the bills at YouTube. Why should we consent to being censored and demonetized for the privilege? We have control! Where our eyeballs go, the dollars will follow. If enough of us go, YouTube will get the message or it will collapse.

Perhaps the moment has arrived to remind both major media platforms and our political class that they work for us and free speech is non-negotiable.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media

In addition to the alternatives in the article above, I would add Bitchute. Many alternative political commentators have begun placing their "free speech videos on that platform.