I'm Afraid Luis Elizondo's Latest Statements Tell the Tale on AATIP


I am bummed beyond belief that I am writing this article. I've written several other articles speculating about the December 16 "Disclosure" about the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). However, the February 21 interview and exclusive video put out by British newspaper The Sun tells the tale on AATIP. 

 My speculation has been, based on who was involved and the paltry amount of money reported, that AATIP and the experts Tom De Longe has assembled with To The Stars Academy do not represent the tip of the spear in government UFO research. They are a band of well-meaning, fellow-seekers with impressive credentials. They are not insiders with the real scoop on what our government knows about UFOs.

In The Sun article, Elizondo explains that the videos released in December were released following Department of Defense (DOD) rules. Ok, great. It's what he says next that floored me.

"The documentation is held by the Department of Defense and the justification for releasing those videos were exactly as stated that was to create an unclassified database that people could then access and try to help us identify the signatures we were seeing. I suspect we will always get more information as people with, with additional expertise, experience and background continue to look at the videos … we will begin to put together more pieces of the puzzle. There are experts I would submit now that are out there, perhaps within this audience that is watching this video now, that have the ability to look at some of these videos and help us have a better understanding of what exactly we're looking at.”

Huh? This the man who headed the disclosed government project to identify UFOs and he is asking for the public's help to figure out what they are?

Something is very wrong here. This presents three possibilities.

  1. Whistleblower releases by people like Colonel Philip J. Corso and Bob Lazar, that most of us have come to believe as factual accounts of the status of government research and reverse-engineering of UFO technology, are false. The government does not really have that level of information about the phenomenon and we have been deluded.
  2. AATIP does not have insider information at all. This was a modestly-funded attempt by UFO enthusiasts in Congress, the military, and science to figure out what UFOs are and share some of that information with the public. If this is so, that's very laudable. However, it does not constitute true Disclosure by people in the know.
  3. This entire release is deceptive. The goal is to confuse people about the history and state of UFO research by the government and to convince people that the government is baffled and needs your help to figure out this phenomenon.

At this point, I'm hoping beyond hope that the answer is number two; even though that would mean we have not had anything approaching true Disclosure by the government. The first option is unthinkable. If we've been deceived to that level, all of UFOology needs to be rethought.


If option three is correct, then this whole thing is an op. It's an op either by the people making the release or by the Pentagon and Intelligence agencies using them to discredit the topic. It reminds me of the episode of The Defector on Star Trek: TNG. Picard finally confronts Admiral Jarok who has convinced to Enterprise to enter the Neutral Zone based on intelligence he has about a Romulan invasion.

Picard says, "They let you escape with an arsenal of worthless secrets. What other explanation is there?"

I take zero joy in pointing this out. Either everything we thought we knew about government knowledge of the UFO/Extraterrestrial phenomenon is false or AATIP was not the real deal. It does not seem, based on current statements, that both can be true.

Some might argue that we're witnessing the execution of a genius plan for slow Disclosure to bring the masses along. I was wiling to entertain that idea until this interview. If this plea to the public to explain the phenomenon is sincere, then Houston we have a problem

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media