Extraterrestrials and Reincarnation: What If You and the Alien Are One?

Wheel of life, death, and rebirth

Wheel of life, death, and rebirth

Who are you? No, who are you really? When we think of the extraterrestrial question, most of us have learned to see it through the mechanistic ideas of a reductionist Universe. We are human beings - a newly technical, Type 0 Civilization on the Kardashev Scale.  We're facing the prospect of engaging (or have already engaged) advanced ETs far ahead of us on that scale.

From a reincarnational standpoint, it's not that clear cut. Many modern westerners think of reincarnation as something where their crazy aunt thinks she was Cleopatra in another life. However, reincarnation and its close cousin transmigration a foundational concept in most Asian spiritual traditions, but also was quite prevalent in ancient Greece, Europe, and even early Christianity. It's a premise where some aspect of who we truly are beyond space and time incarnates time and again in various forms.

You've likely been just about everyone and everything at some point in time, if this idea holds true. You've been male, female, rich, poor, tall, fat, every religion, every race, and, yes, maybe a rat and an Arcturian. You see, if reincarnation is a thing in this Universe, there's nothing that says it's limited to the Earth system.

There's also no indication that the technological hierarchy we understand in our physical dimension in any way limits the forms a soul might take. In fact, most adherents to this system see it as a merit based system. You are born into a form that comports with your karma accumulated in past lives.

There are, in fact, many humans alive today who believe they have lived past lives among the Arcturians, Paladins, Anunnaki, or other advanced space-faring races. This, they claim, accounts for their connections to those races and even may be tied to their purpose for being here on Earth. 

What am I saying and why does it matter? On this level, we are the eager humans waiting for some advanced race to swoop down and whisk us into a galactic future. Yet, on a far more profound level, the extraterrestrials and us are shape-shifting vagabonds traveling through time and space from one form to another. Maybe once, in a previous life, you were driving the advanced aerial vehicle and they were ancient humans looking up in wonder.

"All the world's a stage," wrote Shakespeare, "And all the men and women merely players;. They have their exits and their entrances;. And one man in his time plays many parts,." Well, maybe all the galaxies and dimensions in this Multiverse are a stage too and behind it all you and the extraterrestrial are one.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media