Scientism is Not Science


I have no issue with science or the scientific method. They have brought humanity tremendously beneficial knowledge and advancement. Where science gets into trouble is when it goes beyond its own charter to provide answers to things that are unanswerable. When it gets into this winner-take-all competition about what is the appropriate way to know something it becomes Scientism.

Scientism is not science nor even scientific. Scientism has become the prevalent religion of the modern western world. Let’s differentiate here. Science is the pursuit of truth using the scientific method. Scientism is a dogmatic belief system defended fiercely on the Internet by believers every bit as rabid as any traditional religion. It has succeeded by vanquishing all other philosophical and spiritual approaches from classrooms throughout the western world. Its dogmatic expressions are marked by the same core flaw of other religions. Our truth IS the truth and not merely a belief.

No one, at least no one reasonable, is suggesting we return to the dark ages of superstition. Nor should we ignore that beneath some of that superstition may lie truths that science can never reach. 

We must glean what we can from science, but recognize that we have other means of ascertaining truth. Yes. Some of them are subjective, but where is it written that the only truth is the truth that is absolute and repeatable. We are beings of experience, intuition, and a positive spirituality that must be ignored or left unexplored as a way to truth.

Ten Commandments of Scientism are:

1. There is no intelligence behind this multiverse.
2. Everything in the universe, including life and consciousness, is one massive cosmic accident.
3. There is no way to knowledge, but the scientific method.
4. If it can’t be observed, weighed, or measured, it’s not real.
5. All things supernatural or extraterrestrial are voodoo.
6. Consciousness is an emergent property of biology and only exists in the physical brain.
7. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution settles all debates.
8. Faster-than-light travel is impossible.
9. Ancient human beings are sophisticated scientists and engineers when building megaliths, but unsophisticated morons when talking about the beings that helped them with civilization.
10. If you don’t have credentials after your name, you can’t know anything important.