We Can't Give George H.W. Bush a Pass

This week we received news that the 41st President of the United States George H.W. Bush had passed. Let me begin by saying that my personal belief is that every soul - or whatever you want to call it - is on a long journey through space and time. We’re all filled with plenty of good and evil. I am not qualified nor capable to judge any other being.

However, we are able to assess the full story about a person who influenced this morning’s headlines as much as George Bush and determine whether his contribution was harmful or positive.

The tendency, and we’re seeing this again, is for the mainstream media to eulogize fallen leaders like Bush and John McCain and create a kind of mythos about them that doesn’t touch reality or at least tell the full story. If you’re looking for that version of the story, Google will quickly fill your screen with them.

George Bush was involved in or may have been involved in things that belie the grandfatherly image and patriotic hero being portrayed in the mainstream.

JFK Assassination

Look the evidence for this one is the most challenging. Mr. Bush was clearly part of some anti-Kennedy groups in Texas. There are some sketchy pictures from that day that could be him and vast conspiracy theories about it. I’ll leave you to go search those out on your own. He was asked about these stories on the public record. He claimed not remember where he was that day. We’ll leave it at this, he may have been the only American alive and old enough to remember that day who has no recollection of it.

Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory did a great segment by a Bush family researcher about his odd potential connections to the assassination.

bush cia.jpg


George H.W. Bush was the CIA Director who refused to show an incoming President Jimmy Carter evidence about UFOs, when requested. Carter had seen a UFO and had made campaign commitment to find out what he could, if elected.

Bush Thrust Upon Reagan?

The 1980 Republican presidential primary turned very ugly between the victorious Ronald Reagan and runner-up George Bush. They despised each other. After an evening of toying with the idea of a “joint presidency” with former President Gerald R. Ford, Bush was suddenly and unexpectedly announced as Reagan’s running mate night after midnight when many of the news organizations had ceased coverage for the evening.

The October Surprise

We learned later in the 1980s that George Bush had been in charge of working on trying to get the Iran hostages freed to help Reagan secure the election against Jimmy Carter. Both men later denied the claims, but the hostages were release mere hours after Reagan put has hand on the Bible and Reagan received credit for the release.

Reagan Assassination Attempt

Few Americans remember this fact about the day Ronald Reagan was shot in March 1981. To my knowledge, it was broadcast once on ABC in the clip below and mentioned quickly in a couple of articles the next day. Nothing was ever said or investigated about this astonishing coincidence. Go to 3:12 in this video. Who, of all people, was friends with the the would-be assassin’s family and planned to have dinner that night with them?

Further, in an episode of Barney Miller that aired January 15, 1981 (five days before Reagan took office and 8 weeks before Reagan is shot). Now, again, you might dismiss this as a coincidence that this would be brought up a popular TV show. Recall, as the scene mentions, how Bush became VP. Notice that 8 eight weeks later the President is shot by the brother of someone the Vice President’s son is having dinner with that night.

Here is coverage of convention night. Walter Cronkite asks, “Who wrote this script?”


While we may never know what really happened with Iran-Contra, Vice President Bush, with his CIA background, was suspected as a key player in the trading of arms for hostages. Colonel Oliver North wound up being the face of that investigation, but Bush figured prominently in this illegal and unconstitutional action that violated US law and stated Reagan administration policy.

Regardless of his involvement in the original scandal, he did, as president, pardon many high-ranking former Reagan aides who were involved and stood to be prosecuted.

ABC Nightline Report

Willie Horton Ad

During the 1988 presidential campaign, many believe Vice President Bush, 17 points down in the polls, used implied racism to attack Massachusetts Governor Michael and Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis. Some looked and still will look at this ad as talking about crime. For others, it was an implicit attempt to use the fear of black prisoners being release from prison to scare voters into the voting for Mr. Bush.

Savings & Loan Crisis

Neil Bush, yes the same son who was going to dine with the Hinckley’s on the evening of Reagan’s assassination, is a director a Denver-based Savings and Loan called Silverado. The federal government was bailing out the S & L to the tune of $1 billion, but Director of the Office of Thrift Supervision decided not to penalize Bush. Eventually, Bush paid a $50,000 fine but faced no charges.

Gulf War I

As we look back across the past 27 years now, it’s apparent that the first Gulf War presided over by President Bush was really the beginning of three decades of continuous conflict that have decimated the Middle East, created terrorism rather than solving it, and drained the American people of trillions of dollars and thousands of lives.

The first war never ended. That war was largely sold to a Vietnam-skeptical public using tactics like a 15 year old girl telling Congress she witnessed Iraqi soldiers ripping Kuwaiti babies out of incubators. Years later, we learned she was the US Kuwait ambassador’s daughter. She had not seen what she claimed. She was coached by a high-priced consulting firm - Hill and Knowlton.

I could go on. We’re scratching the surface here. Now, you might look at a couple of these situations and say, “Well, he just didn’t know,” but ALL of them? So, when the mainstream media is mythologizing Mr. Bush, the many people who died and other the other events outlined here must be added into the calculus, but I’m not holding my breath.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media