The Two Party Duopoly #1 - Misreporting of the 2016 Election


Lies are comprised of two types. The first is straight-up falsification. The second is lie by omission. Tuesday Americans go to the polls again. We have the two major parties again fear-mongering voters into staying within the lines for fear third party votes might swing the election to the other side. Here is a HUGE fact that is rarely, closer to never, reported in the mainstream media. They seem only able and willing to focus on horse races between donkeys and elephants. By-the-way, how can you have a horse race between a donkey and an elephant?

Newsflash! It’s very likely that you have never seen final numbers from the 2016 election reported accurately. No, I don’t mean that President Trump’s or Secretary Clinton’s votes were not counted properly. I mean the WHOLE story was not told. Here are the true results from that election. This is the real scoreboard for voting age Americans.

Voted For Total Votes Percentage of Votes
None of the Above 84,632,471 38.1%
Hillary Clinton 65,845,063 29.6%
Donald Trump 62,980,160 28.4%
Gary Johnson 4,488,931 2.0%
Jill Stein 1,457,050 .07%
Evan McMullin 728,830 .03%

Well, maybe this was just one election. No. This has been going on for decades. Now, there are a plethora of reasons why some people don’t vote on a given day, but a vast majority of those 84 million people simply don’t feel represented by two parties that can’t remember the last time they actually represented the views of their constituents on a wide range of issues much less those of the American people as a whole.

Why doesn’t the news media report this? Well, again, there could be wide range of reasons. However, the universality with which this actual tally goes unreported points toward a kind of collusion. What would be the purpose? Why have we had two years of news cycles on foreign interference and blaming of candidates who together totaled less than three percent of the vote?

Well, the mainstream media - whether supposedly left or right - really represents the system. The reason they’d rather talk about Jill Stein supposedly stealing votes from Hillary Clinton or Vladimir Putin is because we have a media and a system that constantly and, it would seem, purposely avoids MASSIVE facts.

84 million people essentially voting None of the Above would tell any one and every one with two functioning brain cells that our system is broken and not working for the people. It would point out that neither the Democrat nor the Republican gets anywhere near half the votes. They each have less than 30 percent support.

As long as they can paint these two parties - wholly-owned subsidiaries of the system - as the only two options and make it appear one or the other has majority support, they can sell the lie that more than 50 percent of Americans continue to vote for a system where…

  • Ordinary people can be financially broken in an instant by medical bills and GoFundMe is actually a healthcare strategy.

  • College students take six-figure loans they’ll be paying on most of their adult lives for degrees that are worth less and less.

  • We live in a state of perpetual war.

  • We accept government officials goading technology companies to play the arbiter on free speech.

  • We can’t even agree that the Internet ought to be an even playing ground for everyone.

  • We keep fracking rather than moving forward with known clean energy platforms or suspected hyper-advanced power sources.

  • We continue to ignore the obvious fact that our world is being visited by advanced beings in advanced craft.

  • We bail out banks while people lose their homes.

Gee, it makes you wonder what those 84 million people who voted for None of the Above were thinking. It also makes you wonder how many of the 61 percent who did vote would vote for something else if they weren’t conditioned in abject terror of the other party winning.

I could just be spit-balling here, but I’m pretty sure this is not what Adams, Jefferson, and Franklin had in mind.

Please, my friends, vote your conscience and your interests this Tuesday. This right to have a say in the decisions that affect our lives was hard-fought and remains tenuous in our world. When individual politicians or whole parties stop listening to the people, the time has arrived to make new choices.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media