Reincarnation Makes Hating Hypocritical


Recent polls show that 20 percent of Americans believe in reincarnation. However, we are way outside the global average when you take into account Hinduism and the suppressed global numbers of Buddhists thanks to the Chinese Government, it’s likely that well over half the world’s population believes in some form of reincarnation.

Let’s assume for a moment reincarnation is true – which by the way I do. Who do you think you’ve been in your previous lives? Well, the options are kind of limited. You’ve probably had lives as a man and a woman. You’ve probably run through the races. You’ve likely been a member of every major modern religion and a bunch of extinct religions. You’ve probably been a “bleeding heart” liberal and a “right wing” nut. You’ve oppressed and oppressor, king and pauper, 1% and 99%. You’ve been saint and you’ve been sinner.

Here’s the net, net. Being racist, religiously bigoted, ethnically superior, gender-centric, economically divided really is hating a part of yourself. You’ve been what you love and you’ve been what you despise and, oh by the way, so has the person you despise in this life.

Hmm. Now one could argue that even if that’s true, part of the game is throwing ourselves into our roles in this life and being who we are. True. Still, one would think that such a realization might soften the edges a little bit. Might make one look with compassion and a little more understanding at “the other” who is really just us in a different time and place.

What if you held the thought “I’ve been like that person,” before the next time you choose to think and act from a mind of division and a heart of judgment?

What would the world be like then?

Keep seeking the truth and stay inspired!