57 Percent of Americans Want a Third Party, but Will They Vote for It?


A new Gallup Poll says 57 percent of Americans want a third party. Yet, 90 plus percent of voters will go to the polls next week and vote to continue our unresponsive duopoly that has proven time and again it will not serve the interests of the American people.

At some point, we have to look in the mirror to see why we have the political system we have.

Many have deluded themselves into thinking that by continuing to vote for one or the other of these two parties will fundamentally change something. It is a demonstrable, provable fact that this is not true.

Others believe if we can just defeat the momentary puppet presiding over the country for the interests that own both parties, everything will be OK. Again, history is unambiguous. It’s not true.

If you want change next Tuesday, you - yes YOU - must be willing to push buttons or pull levers you don’t usually choose. If you want change, YOU have to vote for it.

The system has conditioned you to believe two pieces of abject nonsense. 1) Voting outside the duopoly is wasting your vote. 2) Voting for third parties is a vote for the evil opposition. As if it matters if the system grasps you by the neck with the right hand or the left.

If you want change, have the courage to vote for it. If you don’t have that courage, expect to wake up Wednesday morning wondering why nothing changed.

You see, we don’t have Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton or the Russians to blame for our political system. We have only ourselves.

Ray Davis

for 6 Sense Media