The Promise of AI - HUGE Problems It Might Solve


Dennis and I have both been critical of AI and the direction we seem to be taking with it. In fact, we discussed some of the down sides in this week’s episode of The Seiker Podcast. By and large, we both believe we are rushing down a road without the requisite consideration of the consequences.

Of course, our concerns are born from the potential misuse of this incredible creation of our genius. It could easily be used by the Powers That Be on this planet to track, trace, and tyrannize the population. It does serve as a kind of electronic Nirvana for a certain subset of ubertechies who see merging humanity with AI as a step in a better direction.

All of that said, we should not miss the incredible potential for good this leap in technology could bring in short order. If we can maintain a human-centered approach that places this technology in the service of positive outcomes, amazing things could happen.

Here’s my AI wish list. These are massive negatives on our planet I believe AI can resolve, if there is any resolution to them.

  1. Better sharing our resources.

  2. Freeing human beings up to pursue creative expression and our highest aspirations.

  3. Cure for Cancer.

  4. Cure for Alzheimers

  5. Improving our general well-being.

  6. Faster-than-Light travel.

  7. Time travel.

  8. Making contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

  9. Making contact with interdimensional beings.

  10. Extending life expectancies.

That’s my list. I’d love to hear your additions to it. What do challenges, faced in our world today, do you believe properly used AI could solve?

Keep seeking and keep questioning, my friends.