Earth Needs to Disclosure Kumbaya


In an excellent interview on Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp, Dr. Hal Puthoff shared some amazing information and analysis of recent UFO disclosures, coming disclosures, and related information. If you missed the interview, it's Hour 2 of the January 28 show.

Puthoff is a physicist by trade. He's worked for decades in a variety of top secret programs and he's very practiced in being careful about what he says and how. George Knapp is an outstanding investigative journalist and pushed as much as he could for more. All in all, the interview is definitely another piece in the puzzle for those of you putting those pieces together at home.

It's clear that public statements by Puthoff, Tom Delonge, Luis Elizondo, Dr. Eric Davis, and others are flavored with a kind of Pentagon/Intelligence view of the world. The use of the word Threat in the Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program (AATIP) implies that there's an inherent danger posed by these phenomenon. I get it. The Pentagon and Intelligence agencies are paid to see the world that way.

Puthoff expressed repeatedly the concern that there are multiple threats, as seen through that lens.

  1. These could be extraterrestrial craft with such advanced that we have to consider the possibility they may be hostile, even if they haven't indicated it so far.
  2. These phenomena could represent advanced Russian or Chinese technology. (I put close to zero stock in this one. If they had such superiority, we'd have seen it by now.)
  3. China and Russia are studying every shred of data, as we are, and could beat us to developing the technologies that would leap them ahead, completely shifting the global balance of power.

Since there's good reason to dismiss bullet two, let's consider the others. There's a wiser, saner answer that addresses bullets one and three. Let's start bullet 3.

Implied in so much of this discussion is the age-old idea that if WE (The United States) can beat our rivals to unlocking technology, all will be right with the world. We must do anything - shred the Constitution, kill, etc. - to make sure we beat them to it. No doubt, the Chinese and Russians have exactly the same mindset. THIS is humanity's problem.

We've done this throughout our ravenous history of conquest and counter conquest. Who could develop the first catapult, the first rifle, the first canon, the first nuke? If only we can get our hands on the technology first, we can slay and dominate our adversaries. If this is extraterrestrial (or advanced Earth Civilization) technology, this could change the game like never before.

No. Nyet. Méi mén r. We cannot keep behaving with this 18th Century mentality. Maybe, just maybe, we could work together instead of against each other. Whether this is a common threat or a common opportunity, US, Russia, China, and other world powers should work together to meet that threat or experience those benefits. The age-old game of upsmanship must end. In fact, that may be exactly what the extraterrestrials are waiting to see. We need a Disclosure Détente...a little Kumbaya. 


Here's the dialogue that ensues and, I think, the discussion the great powers on our planet should be having right now about Disclosure and about moving forward on a united front on this issue.

In Season One of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the Enterprise and a Romulan ship come face to face after colonies on both sides of the neutral zone are destroyed by an unknown force (later discovered to be the Borg).

CMDR TEBOK We do not know who is responsible. Why entire outposts on both sides have been carried off. 
CAPT PICARD: I would like to offer a proposal. 
CMDR THEI An alliance? Between the Romulans and the Federation? 
PICARD: Nothing so grandiose. Just this. Cooperation. There was an intent here. Whoever or whatever did this is more powerful than either of us. Let's collaborate. Let's share whatever we learn about what has happened here. 
THEI Agreed. On this one issue.

Faced with a common threat of superior capabilities, The Federation and The Romulans dropped their normal animosity and agreed to share information. The two sides did not become fast friends. They did apply common sense and an understanding that going it alone was a failed strategy.

This is a great analogy for our situation with these UAPs. No nation can go it alone. No nation should view this as an opportunity to gain power. The answer to these questions matters to the future of every human on the planet.

We must work together to face this challenge. Being open among nations, removes the need to hide the secretes from the people. For those in places of power who say humanity is not ready, we're as ready as you are. It's time to grow up, wear the big boy pants, and assume our place among the sentient species in this galaxy.

Disclosure Détente is our way forward.

What do you say? I'd love hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Ray Davis
or 6 Sense Media