Terrorism: You're Being Played and Manipulated


The War on Terror is and has been a fear-based war on your mind. I've been writing on the topic of using terrorism to create fear among human beings since before 9/11 was out of the headlines. So, when I came across this outstanding video from the Vox Channel, I had to share it.

Look, sad as it is, there is real terrorism in the world and bad people who do want to do harm to other human beings. That said, media and politicians, both because of their own immediate interests and their eternal service to the Military Industrial Complex, work overtime to magnify the threat to keep you in fear and to push their own agendas.

There's really no reason for them to stop. The formula works for them perfectly every time. It's called Problem-Reaction-Solution. How does it work? You take threats, real or perceived, and magnify them. This creates fear and a problem to be solved in the minds of the populace. Second, you wait for the Reaction (they're hoping fear or outrage) and a demand that our leaders take action. Finally, they come back with a Solution that represents a policy or action they wanted to take, but couldn't have without the planting of the fear and the Reaction.

The original passage of the USA Patriot Act after 9/11 was a textbook example of this. Did you ever ask yourself how that legislation got written, voted upon, and enacted so quickly? Most bills take forever to get through Congress. That bill was written before 9/11 and they were waiting for an appropriate situation to roll it out. 

I could go on for a while, but I really want you to take a look at this video and think about how this has played out related to terrorism, and other topics too, over and over again over the past 15-20 years. They plant seeds of fear and then they're off and running on another invasion or another bite out of our freedoms. Where will it end? How will it end? Watch the video and join me below.

We're about solutions at 6 Sense Media. What can you do? Here are some thoughts.

  1. Watch, listen to, and read the news with skepticism. Not just the other guy's network, but yours too.
  2. Ask what are they trying to convince you of and why?
  3. Ask yourself what they're demanding of you in return for the action? Is it more war? More division among the people? More of your freedom?
  4. Keep your head. We go along with bad things when our brains are high on fear. Don't agree with anything until you can think clearly.
  5. Hold politicians and media accountable for this manipulation.  Don't support it with your votes or viewership.
  6. Recognize the Problem-Reaction-Solution equation when you see it in action in real time.

If we, individually and collectively, will do these six things, we can take back control of the narrative in our lives and assess true risks and wise courses of action rather than panicked responses to stimuli.

Keep seeking YOUR truth.

Ray Davis
for 6 Sense Media