20 More Truths About Love

Today’s Thought:

Love your neighbor as you love yourself. There was no fine print.


Love, not fear, is your is your natural state of being. All the great teachers have implored us to see this from time immemorial. And yet, fear casts a long shadow on our planet and in our hearts.

A recent post about replacing a fear-based world with a love-based world generated quite a bit of discussion on my Anunnaki Awakening Facebook Page. Some pointed out the challenges we have in bringing it about.

Those challenges are undeniable, but they’re not weaknesses of a love-based paradigm. They’re the result of our unwillingness to push the envelope on creating such a world. Remember, we’re not talking about the superficial meanings of love and fear in their common uses. We’re talking about love and fear as foundational forces in the universe and foundational ways of being.

For whatever reason (this is a whole other discussion), love has been muffled here on planet Earth. Fear has been sold as the only “realistic” vision of life. Look at the conditioning in our popular culture. It’s all about being afraid. Be afraid of your neighbor. Be afraid of being “uncool”. Be afraid of being outside the norm. Most of all, be afraid to ask BIG questions. Especially those questions that are like elephants sitting in humanity’s proverbial living room – it’s past, present, and destiny.

As promised, here are 20 more truths about love to take with you today. Post these. Use them as affirmations. Begin to create the love-based world from the inside out. It starts with each of us.

  1. Love defies limits.
  2. Love never hires fear to sell it.
  3. Love is a force of nature like gravity or magnetism.
  4. Love transforms, inspires, and enlightens!
  5. Love flows freely in this universe like water in a mountain stream.
  6. Love is our teacher.
  7. Love expands us.
  8. Love and judgment cannot coexist in the same mind.
  9. Love is your core!
  10. When love is the answer the question becomes irrelevant.
  11. Love never sees flaws.
  12. Love lends us the courage to be great.
  13. The love I put out into the world returns many times over.
  14. Love listens before it speaks.
  15. Love is the light, freedom the path, empowerment the goal.
  16. Love is what happens when the real you shines through!
  17. Love is a boundless resource that flows perpetually through your entire being.
  18. Love is the ultimate affirmation.
  19. Love is you in your purest state.
  20. Purely and simply love wins.

Be the person you came to the planet to be!