10 Steps to World Peace


World peace. It’s such a big topic that most people chastise its conceivability. “How,” they ask, “can I possibly contribute to it and how can we possibly achieve it?”

There is an anonymous story of a man who came upon a meditating sage. The sage looked so peaceful and serene that the man had to know his secret. After a brief conversation, the man said to the sage, “I wish I had your faith so that I could live as you do.”

The old sage smiled and said, “Ah, if you lived as I live, you would have my faith.”

We’re all imperfect. We have good days and bad, but these 10 steps are guaranteed to lead to a more peaceful and just world. Here are ten very simple things you can do to contribute to world peace. The great thing is they are totally scaleable. They work in your individual life and, working together, they can change our world.

Ten Steps to World Peace

  1. Live and let live.
  2. Transform religion from a force for division to a force for personal growth and development.
  3. Find a viable replacement for the global war economy.

  4. Respect the rights of every individual.

  5. Respect the needs of the group.

  6. Develop you instead of worrying about everyone else’s flaws.

  7. Find peace within, it will shine without.

  8. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

  9. Recognize we are really one tiny planet -we’re all in this together.

  10. Demand that leaders and would-be leaders talk beyond labels. Most arguments for war and hate fall apart without the labels.

Be peaceful Be positive Be prosperous!